ClearCut B15d

An alpine themed competitive KoTH map. Featuring in RGL 6s Season 3.

  1. Clean Up!

    Change log:

    Game Play:

    -The point has been lowered.

    -The roofs were lowered.

    -The house on either side of the point has been lowered.

    -Scout can no longer double jump from the tower ramp to roof.

    -Scout can now jump to roof from the small shed in front of saw house.

    -The ground around the point has been adjusted to fit the new height.

    -The entrance to the left transition building has been opened up more.

    Building Redesigns:

    -The transition buildings on both red and blu have been given their final art pass.

    -The towers at mid have been simplified to help with framerate.

    Clipping fixes:

    -Clipping was adjust to fit the new buildings.

    Minor changes:

    -The staircase in the left transition building on both sides is now a gravel pile.​
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