City Tower U3

MvM map set in big industrial city

  1. Update 3

    Update 3!
    This garbage didnt pass the contest. Yeee

    [*]Respawn room improvement
    [*]Deleted ""missing"" textures (i mean, not really missing)
    [*]Adjusted factory's exterior
    [*]Deleted door to the tower near the hatch
    [*]HDR setup seems like... not working...
    [*]Few more details
    [*]Updated non-playable area visuals (its not done tho)
    [*]Added medium ammo pack at the third roof of the right building
    [*]Removed skybox clip
    [*]Few clips
    [*]Hatch explosion radius reduced
    [*]Added soundscapes! Finally!
    [*]Fixed an issue when engies couldnt place their sentry at the roofs
    Pop files:
    [*]All B-Tanks have more hp than A ones
    [*]Reduced max amount of rapid fire lucksman bots to 1 (advanced01>wave02)

    (There is still lots of stuff to do)
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