City Tower U3

MvM map set in big industrial city

  1. .nmint
    Industrial area divided by Mann Co. and BLU. Both make mechanical parts for different things.

    BLU used those parts to create angrty robots so they can destroy Mann Co. and it's tower (Thats why there is no huge carrier, also because there is no place for it)

    There are two ways to get to the hatch: Left (slower, intended for flag carrier) Right (faster, blocked for flag carrier). Bots will usually take left path, but once bomb is near the hatch they will take right path, so be cautious

    Also, this is entry for Mappers vs. Machines

    20170907181100_1.jpg 20170907181111_1.jpg 20170907181129_1.jpg 20170907181142_1.jpg 20170907181150_1.jpg 20170907181157_1.jpg 20170907181202_1.jpg 20170907181209_1.jpg 20170907181218_1.jpg 20170907181243_1.jpg
    (wow, uploading screenshots was hard as hell)

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