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Capture the flag by dropping into the enemies' temple and fighting your way out!

  1. Alpha 3 - Movement smoothing, displacements, trick jumps and more

    Alpha 2 of ctf_chin played quite well compared to the first version. The major layout adjustments improved combat flow considerably but there were some complaints. Playtesters reported some minor issues with the importance of some routes being overshadowed by others due to ease of use. Other players reported that they felt the map's middle area was too vertical and the prescence of snipers in certain positions was too threatening. I have made a few iterative changes to address this feedback.

    *Engineers who decided to defend the intel despite their vunerability there were left with few tools to punish unwary players who quickly rushed the one way trapdoors. I have experimented with the newly added boards on the windows so that sentries can cover them more easily, but can still be jiggle peaked to be destroyed. I have also added little crannies in the corners beside the briefcase where an engi can take cover with a dispenser but where a sentry will not be so effective at defending due to the windows' adjusted sightlines.

    *The doorway leading to the highground balcony jump to the perch was a bit too easily accessed by flagrunners and did not encourage choicemaking. Players also felt that the lower exit from the flag room was not useful enough. I decided to address both of these issues by moving the doorway farther into the base past the flag room. This should give the lowground exit more use as it gives safer access to the highground and has a pair of medium health kits along it's route.

    *The previous change altered sightlines into the spawnroom a bit too much so I shrank the doorframe near the wood piles and shifted it over towards the balcony.

    *Players did comment that it was easier to navigate the map but there were requests to have better signage towards your own flag. I adjusted some previous signs' placement and added a few more.

    *To address the complaints of verticality being too prevalent I added rolling sandy displacement floors across the map. This should make fighting on the lowground more interesting and smooth the transitions between areas more gradually than the brush based floors previously.

    *The lowground areas needed more ways to combat the highground and I've experimented adding skill jumps up prop rocks to certain areas. This should add a few more options for players on the lowground who previously felt quite helpless.

    *Added a second prop jump here from the top of the canyon exits to the top of the scaffolding at mid. This should let skilled players quickly reach their highground from the bottom of the arena and gives more options to classes who cannot explosive jump in the fight for the centre of the map.

    *The original version of ctf_chin had a intel dropdown porch area that was easily accessed by the attacking team. In Alpha 2 I changed this by connecting the porch to the lobby of the defending team. This meant that defenders could more easily flank and intercept attackers in the window area overlooking the flag. Some players lamented the ease of access mid control gave attackers to the enemies' flag. To address this I have extended the porches of the dropdown rooms into mid and altered the connectors. There is now a skill-jump from mid onto the perch that enters deeper into the dropdown room and I added a small health pack to it. The connector from the lobby has been pushed farther back towards mid so attackers can more easily defend their flank while pushing into the flag room.

    *Minor alterations for player flow have been made to the lobby areas. I extended the stairs to the highground exits on either side so they are more visible while pushing into mid.

    *I have reduced the space a sniper can stand in at the connector to the scaffolding at mid. This should make it feel much safter to push in and it should make the sniper more vunerable to flankers.

    *To remove some of the angles at mid and make it feel safer to attack, I added some barriers on the scaffolding. I also moved some arrows forward so it is more obvious that I want players to push into the flagroom entrance first, not the lobbies.

    *To aid visibility and to push the players focus downwards I have extended the canyon walls upwards in some areas. The negative space should attract attention to the balconies looking over your approach to the centre of the map and the tall walls should make the divide between the two team's territories more apparent.


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