chin a7

Capture the flag by dropping into the enemies' temple and fighting your way out!

  1. chin
    A standard CTF map made by me, smig (aka chin).

    Made for the Back to Basics contest 2019.

    A speedy entrance to open windows overlooking the intel room allow you to clear out any campers below after winning a midfight. One way shutter gate dropdowns let you quickly access the intelligence but force you to take a precarious route through the enemy base to steal it.

    My aim with this map was to address some of the flaws of the Capture the Flag gamemode such as the over-effectiveness of engineer nests camping the intel room and bases; long walk times to make an attempt at completing the objective and stalemates. Hopefully I've made some headway trying to mix CTF up.

    This is my first released map in a long while so I'm anxiously looking forward to testing it and hearing your feedback.

    Current version: Alpha 7


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