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Standard CTF map made for the Back to Basics contest

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    chin - Standard CTF map made for the Back to Basics contest

    A standard CTF map made by me, smig (aka chin).

    Made for the Back to Basics contest 2019.

    A speedy entrance to open windows overlooking the intel room allow you to clear out any campers below after winning a midfight. One way shutter gate dropdowns let you quickly access the intelligence but force you to take a precarious route through the enemy base to steal it.

    My aim with this map was to address some of the flaws of the Capture the Flag gamemode such as the over-effectiveness of engineer nests camping the intel room and bases; long walk times to make an attempt at completing the objective and stalemates. Hopefully I've made some headway trying to mix CTF up.

    This is my first released map in a long while so I'm anxiously looking forward to testing it and hearing your feedback.

    Current version: Alpha 3
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    Version Alpha 2 of ctf_chin. The main focus is to aid player navigation with signage and geometry changes. I've been sitting on this since about one hour after the hard deadline for the Back to Basics contest passed :( I'm upset that this wasn't the version that was being played for the contest as I feel I made a lot of necessary changes. It was quite painful to watch a1 be played for 4 weeks when I had addressed some of the issues already but such is life. Get your work in on time by starting on it early!

    Notable changes:

    *Overhauled spawnrooms. Spawns now point towards mid and open into a house with multiple exits for player navigation smoothing. The a1 intention was to lessen the impact of turtling outside of the spawndoors by using dropdowns and a long walk time back to the resupply but it just made the map feel overly complex for new players. There are now windows that show the yard outside to help players see where they want to go.

    *Rotated the intel room. This should lead players more easily in and out of the objective. The original version overcomplicated the figure of 8 layout too much - now there are less corners that need to be rounded to get out of the base and it's a straight run out of the flagzone. Also I removed an exit from the intel room to declutter the area and simplify it. A lowground exit now remains where the original main exit was before. The flag now sits farther into the room to lengthen the run distance players have to run to get out with the flag.

    *Added some wooden boards to some of the windows into the flagroom. This should shade the defenders below from some of the spam above and let them dodge more easily but it should still let attackers clear out the flag of campers safely if they watch for flankers.

    *Simplified the old courtyard room into an L shaped building. This should direct players more easily out of the base and should serve to be less confusing. Now it is a simple staircase up to a balcony where the old highground exit was and there is much simpler connection to the midground. In a1 the idea was to have the highground flank be difficult to lock down for flagrunners so I added flanks to what was already a flank route but I don't think it was neccessary after playtesting.

    *Removed some geometry connecting the highground connector to the staircase shack near spawn. You now jump from the balcony to the highground perch to take the upper exit out of the yard. This is to further simplify the area outside the intel room. To make combat more interesting I added a short inside section under the perch and some wood piles for scouts to jump around on. To aid movement from spawn to mid the staircase has been pushed forward and the building it use to lead to has been removed. This also means the yard is shorter which should help with the overscaled feeling it might have had before.

    *Deepened the lowground exit from the intel room going under the bridge. The original exit was being used a lot as the main exit as it was the quickest to access. I still like that the theoretical weakest route should be the easiest to use but I wanted to nerf it's effectiveness. This should let defenders have a better advantage over cheeky speed cappers.
    *Lengthened the distance of the canyon exit from the intel room. Now flag runners will be more exposed from the bridge for longer and will be easier to intercept using the midground lobby exit. There is a new lowground connector to the lobby to compensate for the longer run time.

    *Simplified lobby to be one room. This serves to simplify all the exits and entrances into one area for ease of navigation and to help players pushing out of their spawns to coordinate a push into mid. Also added a new upper exit to help defenders push out into mid.

    *Remade mid. The original rocky mid area is now removed and has been made more choke like to aid defenders stopping flag caps. Two canyon walls squeeze together and there is now scaffolding for classes to access from their lobbies. This should aid pushes into mid after losing a midfight and gives an advantage over players making a run for the flagroom. The original highground exit near the flagroom dropdowns has been simplified from 2 exits to 1. It should be easier to intercept players running directly at your flagroom now that it is a bit chokier to access. A highground perch sits between the main archway in and mid to force slow classes to take the wooden stairs up to the porch area.

    *Adjusted all pack placements to aid pushes and retreats in certain areas.

    *Added signs to some areas to aid player navigation. There are now sawhorses with gameplay signs to point you in the direction of the intelligence and the battlements. Also added a window to the upper entrance to lobby to make it easier to see where the intel room is for attackers and new players.

    *Added some textures here and there to aid player recognition of areas - dev textures only for walls made it quite difficult to orient yourself in the playspace in version a1. The lobby's exterior is now textured as I intended it to be detailed - a big canyon wall.

    *The flag return time (in seconds) has been decreased from 30 to 20. Previously, suicide runs to the flag were too effective. A scout could run with the flag down valley and die and would potentially be able to respawn and pick it up again all by themself. This change aims to force players to work as a team to get a flag home to their base and should relieve some pressure from defenders.
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    Alpha 2 of ctf_chin played quite well compared to the first version. The major layout adjustments improved combat flow considerably but there were some complaints. Playtesters reported some minor issues with the importance of some routes being overshadowed by others due to ease of use. Other players reported that they felt the map's middle area was too vertical and the prescence of snipers in certain positions was too threatening. I have made a few iterative changes to address this feedback.

    *Engineers who decided to defend the intel despite their vunerability there were left with few tools to punish unwary players who quickly rushed the one way trapdoors. I have experimented with the newly added boards on the windows so that sentries can cover them more easily, but can still be jiggle peaked to be destroyed. I have also added little crannies in the corners beside the briefcase where an engi can take cover with a dispenser but where a sentry will not be so effective at defending due to the windows' adjusted sightlines.

    *The doorway leading to the highground balcony jump to the perch was a bit too easily accessed by flagrunners and did not encourage choicemaking. Players also felt that the lower exit from the flag room was not useful enough. I decided to address both of these issues by moving the doorway farther into the base past the flag room. This should give the lowground exit more use as it gives safer access to the highground and has a pair of medium health kits along it's route.

    *The previous change altered sightlines into the spawnroom a bit too much so I shrank the doorframe near the wood piles and shifted it over towards the balcony.

    *Players did comment that it was easier to navigate the map but there were requests to have better signage towards your own flag. I adjusted some previous signs' placement and added a few more.

    *To address the complaints of verticality being too prevalent I added rolling sandy displacement floors across the map. This should make fighting on the lowground more interesting and smooth the transitions between areas more gradually than the brush based floors previously.

    *The lowground areas needed more ways to combat the highground so I've experimented adding skill jumps up prop rocks to certain areas. This should add a few more options for players on the lowground who previously felt quite helpless.

    *Added a second prop jump here from the top of the canyon exits to the top of the scaffolding at mid. This should let skilled players quickly reach their highground from the bottom of the arena and gives more options to classes who cannot explosive jump in the fight for the centre of the map.

    *The original version of ctf_chin had a flag dropdown porch area that was easily accessed by the attacking team. In Alpha 2 I changed this by connecting the porch to the lobby of the defending team. This meant that defenders could more easily flank and intercept attackers in the window area overlooking the flag. Some players lamented the ease of access mid control gave attackers to the enemies' flag. To address this I have extended the porches of the dropdown rooms into mid and altered the connectors. There is now a skill-jump from mid onto the perch that enters deeper into the dropdown room and I added a small health pack to it. The connector from the lobby has been pushed farther back towards mid so attackers can more easily defend their flank while pushing into the flag room.

    *Minor alterations for player flow have been made to the lobby areas. I extended the stairs to the highground exits on either side so they are more visible while pushing into mid.

    *I have reduced the space a sniper can stand in at the connector to the scaffolding at mid. This should make it feel much safter to push in and it should make the sniper more vunerable to flankers.

    *To remove some of the angles at mid and make it feel safer to attack, I added some barriers on the scaffolding. I also moved some arrows forward so it is more obvious that I want players to push into the flagroom entrance first, not the lobbies.

    *To aid visibility and to push the players focus downwards I have extended the canyon walls upwards in some areas. The negative space should attract attention to the balconies looking over your approach to the centre of the map and the tall walls should make the divide between the two team's territories more apparent.

    Read the rest of this update entry...
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