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yep, this is the file I wanted to upload for the mvm competition, but 13 days late. :(

New Features!!
-includes other half of the work I did
Correctly packed version
This is the contest version of mvm_chase! after slogging through errors with no apparent reason I have finaly got publish compile of the detailed version of a5. Other than detail it is almost identical. Thanks to RC+ who helped make this happen, and everyone at potato's mvm server who tested this map!

Edit: this file may not work, but the compile may run a few sec over the deadline, so I will post this now
Accidentally did fast compile, this is the full version
Fixed the walk through ramps, but introduced a shadow grid on the displacements, don't know cause or how to remove. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Huge map changes!

*Doubled the map size
*Robot paths
*Fixed logic

known issues

*prop ramp is not solid