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  1. RedShift

    International Loadstar Truck 2023-01-15

    This is my first ever model of vehicle I fully made. It is based on International Harvester Roadstar. It has 4 color variations: green (base), RED n BLU, yellow. NOTICE: - No editing / reuploading my model without asking for permission. - No distribution of my model. Tip: It fits farm, swamp...
  2. Stack Man

    "Rapid Exports & Delivery" and "Ballistics - Logistics - Unlimited" Signs a1

    A Red "Rapid Exports & Delivery" sign featuring a delivery truck and a Blu "Ballistics - Logistics - Unlimited" sign featuring a train. Originally made for a non-jam version of a plr map in 2021.
  3. FGD5

    Creeper Truck V1quickfix

    A old spooky truck based off the one from Jeepers Creepers. Requested by MegaPieManPHD, has 4 LODs and a 1024x1024 texture. Just put in your custom folder. Please do not reupload without asking. Enjoy!
  4. KrazyZark

    Dump Truck Tipping pose Edit V1

    I thought it would be a nice addition for this truck to be able to tip. right now I have no idea how to animate, I could learn how to and have it animated to go up or down. EDIT: animations may not come soon
  5. AsG_Alligator

    Conifer asset minipack 2023-03-18

    Pack contains: a semi truck model, with separate wheels and 4 skins. a set of road railings (not a very good set but its a lot more usable than the one hydro railing) 2 road textures - an overlay version and a version for use on a displacement over terrain. NEW: Ranger jeep and small...
  6. Muenster Monster

    Skybox truck

    If there's already a skyboxified truck model (such as props_hydro\dumptruck) then please link me to it, or tell me the model name if it already comes with hammer and ABS's resource pack. If a skyboxified truck doesn't exist, I would like one (similar to the dumptruck model I already mentioned)...
  7. Yabayabayaba

    Chase a5

    Your cargo truck full of high explosives is being chased by robots! Can you defend against the hot pursuit? A collaboration with RC+ Features: -dynamic carriers! -dynamic scenery! -death pit action! -2 secrets! -Beginner and Advanced popfiles - and more! known issues -some clipping is bad...