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Cascade B9

Red and Blu fight for control of a hydroelectric generator buried under an artificial hill.

  1. Defcon
    Cascade is a koth map that emphasizes open spaces and height variation while maintaining class balance for casual and competitive gameplay. Based on classic koth design with several unique layout changes and additions. Currently on version B9. koth_cascade_b90000.jpg koth_cascade_b90001.jpg koth_cascade_b90001.jpg koth_cascade_b90003.jpg koth_cascade_b90010.jpg koth_cascade_b90005.jpg koth_cascade_b90006.jpg koth_cascade_b90007.jpg koth_cascade_b90008.jpg koth_cascade_b90016.jpg koth_cascade_b90011.jpg koth_cascade_b90012.jpg koth_cascade_b90013.jpg koth_cascade_b90014.jpg koth_cascade_b90015.jpg koth_cascade_b90017.jpg


    1. koth_cascade_b90002.jpg
    2. koth_cascade_b90004.jpg
    3. koth_cascade_b90009.jpg

Recent Updates

  1. Beta 9
  2. Hot Fix
  3. Beta 8

Recent Reviews

  1. Jack5
    Version: B6
    A really well balanced KOTH map. The only complaint I have is that teleporters can be spammed in the tunnels forcing players to jump over them.