Cascade RC1a

Red and Blu fight for control of a hydroelectric generator buried under an artificial hill.

  1. Minor Update

    • Fixed clipping issue on fences at mid

    • Fixed bug that caused players' movement to stutter while on the point

    • Removed railing that got in the way of rollouts in middle spawn exit building

    • Adjusted lighting on the point and around mid

    • Minor detailing changes
  2. hotfix

    - fixed broken cubemaps
  3. Release Candidate 1 (!!!)

    • Fixed audio bug that prevented players from hearing hitsounds, spy decloaks, etc.

    • Improved clipping in several areas

    • Optimization improvements

    • Adjusted position of tunnel

    • Reduced steepness of wooden ramp leading to cliff

    • Increased the height of right side fences and rock on mid

    • Slightly rotated left side rock on mid

    • Adjusted back left rock on mid to make jumping onto the fence more consistent

    • Added an additional staircase to right side spawn...
  4. Beta 10

    • Returned lower entrance/exit to its original position on the right side

    • Lowered highground at mid

    • Added space to right side yard/ramp

    • Changed right side wall so it can be jumped over but not stood on

    • Adjusted clipping on rocks at mid

    • Adjusted clipping on props in connector rooms

    • Adjusted clipping in cave/tunnel

    • Raised height of the cave/tunnel ceiling

    • Increased size of dropdown in house

    • Reworked arrangement of staircases in spawn...
  5. Beta 9

    • Removed lower tunnels

    • Flipped position of lower entrance/exit

    • Added stairs from under battlements into house

    • Replaced staircase outside house with ramps

    • Widened area under bridge on left side

    • Moved health/ammo under bridge to the opposite side

    • Reworked right side staircase

    • Adjusted rocks/fences at mid

    • Widened mid

    • Slightly lowered point

    • Reworked detailing in several areas

    • Reworked lighting
  6. Hot Fix

    - Fixed an unintended prop jump
  7. Beta 8

    • Added one-way tunnel connecting right yard to the point, exiting directly under the opposite upper tunnel

      • Upper and lower tunnel share a floor/ceiling grate that does not block explosive splash damage
    • Lowered right rocks at mid

    • Added transparent fences in front of lowered rocks

    • Added window into lower on the point

    • Replaced medium ammo behind rocks at mid with two small packs closer to the point

    • Removed small health from upper left area...
  8. Beta 7

    • Optimization improvements

    • Removed waterfalls on cliffs around the point
    • Slightly narrowed tunnels inside cliffs

    • Added dropdown from house into right-main hallway

    • Changed low wall on right side so it can no longer be stood on or jumped over

    • Slightly lowered rock arch

    • Added collision to battlements sign above house staircase

    • Added nobuild to crates/barrels on left battlements

    • Removed/adjusted some props to fix unintended...
  9. Beta 6

    B5 → B6
    • Continued art-passing process

    • Optimization improvements

    • Clipping improvements/fixes

    • Fixed rockets going through grates at mid

    • Fixed being able to build in spawn

    • Various other minor changes
    I probably won't have time to work on this map or play tf2 for a while. Thanks so much to everyone who tested, provided feedback, and offered advice. Without you the process of creating this map could not have been the incredibly fun and rewarding...
  10. Beta 5

    • Continued art-passing process

    • Removed lower right side cave route

    • Added rock on right side of mid

    • Removed truck at mid

    • Removed pillar structure from underground

    • Slightly lowered arch above mid

    • Added cover to left side of battlements

    • Added small ammo pack under battlements

    • Changed medium health and ammo in main building to small

    • Made right side wooden cover opaque

    • Bullet-blocked waterfalls to so they can no longer hide stickies...