Altitude B6

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First release
Last update
Attack/Defense CP

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Latest updates

  1. Beta 6

    Reduced Blu respawn time on B Changed location of Blu’s first forward spawn Added snow $surfaceprop to roof and ground textures Fixed sticky bombs sticking to one-way door on B Various lighting and detailing changes Improved soundscapes...
  2. Beta 5

    Added a one-way door to the A-B connector flank Removed dropdown next to B silo Added medium ammo near the B roof Adjusted position of medium health and ammo next to B silo Increased capture time on C Increased Blu respawn time on C...
  3. Beta 4

    Altitude is now on the Steam Workshop! Various visual additions, improvements, and fixes Decreased Red’s respawn time on C Added a secondary exit to Blu’s first forward spawn Any players still inside Red’s forward spawn 10 seconds after...

Latest reviews

The most fun you'll ever have
absolutely stunning map that plays well too
A very well-executed map with a lot of verticality, an excellent theme, and great detailing.
Had a chance to play this and thought highly of it. It begins with a strong snowy alpine theme with beautiful $treesway trees and open chokepoints. The map had lots of verticality but also horizontal space. It felt like I could approach points from any angle I wanted, and on defense I enjoyed guarding these flanks. Definitely a map that rewards coordination like Steel or Borneo because of that.

I really liked the Husky Acres portrait, I think that's referenced on posters in official maps, so I like to think these are those mountains in the skybox. The sense of scale feels prevalent especially around the 2nd point. I got a little disoriented leaving RED's forward spawn depending on the angle I spawn at, but otherwise quickly got a bearing on the map layout. Very well done map.