Canopy rc2

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Canopy rc2

Jungle themed KotH map.


Canopy is a King Of The Hill map set deep in a tropical rainforest, where two opposing forces battle to control the lush environment (and resources within).

This map is designed for centralised, focused fights around mid whilst offering multiple options for both flank- and choke-oriented playstyles. A winding flank route reaches to the side of the point, and a loose open-choke approaches from the main corners. An auxillary route is positioned at a height advantage, poised to be both a position for defenders and offensive plays pushing into the point.

This map has asymmetric detailing. What this means is the gamemode (King Of The Hill) is symmetric in nature, but the layout is detailed in such a way that even though either side is identical in layout, it differs greatly in environment.
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King of the Hill

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Latest updates

  1. Better assets and a much nicer 3d sky!

    • Large detailing pass • Updated assets (no more heyo except for skybox - looking to replace in next ver.) • Added much nicer 3d skybox • Updated lighting
  2. Large update pushing into RC1

    Extensive additional detailing. Upvote Canopy on the WORKSHOP: