Canaveral A12

A 3CP map around the waters of Cape Canaveral

  1. A12

    • Moved the entirety of last back 512 units to make more room out front. Makes the transit from last to mid even longer than it was but fowards spawns negate this.
    • Reduced spawn time for defenders now that there is a fowards spawn.
    • Combined the flank room (room 04) and yard somewhat to make it harder to get by without being seen, but to make a more dynamic fight over yard and ultimately control over the final room. Should help defenders push out. Does create some ungodly...
  2. A11a

    • Fixed some missing textures
    • Welded a door shut in fowards spawn that shouldnt be opening (yet)
    • Some bits of optimisation
  3. A11

    • Changed backyard flank to be smaller and more flanky indoor area
    • Changed water texture to cubemaps to try and increase fps. Hopefully tempoarily until optimisation pass
    • Changed garage route to make it more narrow
    • Added foward spawns
    • Fixed some bugs
  4. A10

    Update A10. I had a bit of a break so I'm trying to remember what I was doing for this project, not many changes here.

    • Made back outdoor area behind final cap smaller to reflect its role as a flank
    • Some bug fixes
    • Main doorway into final has been shifted, removed some cover to reduce crazy sightlines
    • Main indoor route to mid has been moved to make less space between road and indoor route. Should make it easier to shutdown flanks and rotate between the two. Should hopefully...
  5. A9

    • New Last!
      • Shortcut door is no more
      • New high ground for attackers and defenders
      • New flank area below point
      • Point has been moved back, along with spawn
      • More options, rather than waiting for an uber to push
    • Water should be properly packed now
    • Some other minor tweaks in the background

    This is gonna be the last alpha until I make it to mid-semester break at least. So long and thanks for all the tests!
  6. A8

    • Re-opened shed
    • Nerfed a god like sightline
    • Underwater has better visibility
    • Some clipping fixes
    • Optimisation
    • Rocket has been textured
    • Changes to skybox
    • A little bit of art pass
  7. A7

    • Beach closed!
      • Beach route has been removed to narrow the width of engagement
      • Shed shortcut has also been closed off for the same reason
    • To make up for this, bunker road has been adjusted
      • Road widened
      • Roof removed
      • Combined with backyard flank to make a mini arena
    • Adjustments to ammo and health
    • Fixes to particle system
    • Some clips have been changed and removed pending feedback
  8. A6

    • Adjusted far beach route to make flanking to last harder, but not impossible
    • Changes to spawn
      • Added some cover to break sightline between point and spawn
      • Added a 3rd exit
      • Moved right door back a bit
    • First pass on rocket
    • Adjustments within final cap area
  9. A5

    • Added a door
      • Located along the high road to central cp
      • Closes when defenders lose the point
      • Designed to allow attackers a shortcut out of spawn, whilst funneling attacking forces into yard more and through the new main route
    • New main entrance into last

    • Some changes around the last arena in terms of cover
    • Capping mid will now add 4 minutes onto the timer, rather than 1
  10. A4

    • Changes to mid:
      • Higher ridgeline to make mid more interesting and dynamic to fight over. Designed to create a dynamic where you either control the high ground, or cap mid
      • Less water
      • Watervents are gone, designed to be more involved in the central arena.
      • New path towards the back in the high ground. 20210205225551_1.jpg
    • Third Lane
      • Connects to bunker road and yard.
      • Designed to be a high road for attackers in mid and yard
    • Room...