Canaveral A9

A 3CP map around the waters of Cape Canaveral

  1. A9

    • New Last!
      • Shortcut door is no more
      • New high ground for attackers and defenders
      • New flank area below point
      • Point has been moved back, along with spawn
      • More options, rather than waiting for an uber to push
    • Water should be properly packed now
    • Some other minor tweaks in the background

    This is gonna be the last alpha until I make it to mid-semester break at least. So long and thanks for all the tests!
  2. A8

    • Re-opened shed
    • Nerfed a god like sightline
    • Underwater has better visibility
    • Some clipping fixes
    • Optimisation
    • Rocket has been textured
    • Changes to skybox
    • A little bit of art pass
  3. A7

    • Beach closed!
      • Beach route has been removed to narrow the width of engagement
      • Shed shortcut has also been closed off for the same reason
    • To make up for this, bunker road has been adjusted
      • Road widened
      • Roof removed
      • Combined with backyard flank to make a mini arena
    • Adjustments to ammo and health
    • Fixes to particle system
    • Some clips have been changed and removed pending feedback
  4. A6

    • Adjusted far beach route to make flanking to last harder, but not impossible
    • Changes to spawn
      • Added some cover to break sightline between point and spawn
      • Added a 3rd exit
      • Moved right door back a bit
    • First pass on rocket
    • Adjustments within final cap area
  5. A5

    • Added a door
      • Located along the high road to central cp
      • Closes when defenders lose the point
      • Designed to allow attackers a shortcut out of spawn, whilst funneling attacking forces into yard more and through the new main route
    • New main entrance into last

    • Some changes around the last arena in terms of cover
    • Capping mid will now add 4 minutes onto the timer, rather than 1
  6. A4

    • Changes to mid:
      • Higher ridgeline to make mid more interesting and dynamic to fight over. Designed to create a dynamic where you either control the high ground, or cap mid
      • Less water
      • Watervents are gone, designed to be more involved in the central arena.
      • New path towards the back in the high ground. 20210205225551_1.jpg
    • Third Lane
      • Connects to bunker road and yard.
      • Designed to be a high road for attackers in mid and yard
    • Room...
  7. A3c

    -Fixed Red Spawn resupply
    -Fixed being able to build in spawn
  8. A3b

    • Changed mirror type for better travel times
      • Completely new mid
      • Completely new transition and fronts to each base
    • Rework of secondary arenas
    • Removed caves and other rarely used flanks
    • Adjustments to respawnwaves
    • Sentries can no longer be built underwater 20210119005826_1.jpg
  9. A2

    • Moved spawn to make travel time to the central arena shorter
    • Changed area between the exit of each team base and the point to encourage attackers to move up
      • Health kits and large ammo on the bridge
      • Less water, higher ground for main route
      • More cover
      • Less long pathways
    • Cut out high ground sewer entrance, instead links up to main
    • Changes around final arena
    • Logic fixes for CP