Canaveral [3CP]

Canaveral [3CP] RC5c

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Canaveral [3CP] RC5c

3CP on the beaches of the Space Race

A 3cp map set along the shores and facilities of Cape Canaveral. Both keys need to be turned in each base to launch the rocket, but neither team is willing to give up control. Take the launch pad and storm the enemy control room to win.
First release
Last update
Symmetrical CP

Resource team

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Latest updates

  1. Rc5c

    Fixed an issue with soundscapes/particles not packing Nuked a dev texture
  2. Rc5

    Clipping fixes Some texture re-arrangement and changes to be in-line with the asset pack Parity with 5cp and workshop versions.
  3. Rc3

    Keeping it in line with the workshop release Details Geo changes and style changes to mid Some texture adjustments Lots of clipping