Canaveral [5CP]

Canaveral [5CP] Rc5

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Canaveral [5CP] Rc5

5CP on the beaches of the Space Race

A 5cp variation of Cp_Canaveral. Identical layout, some changes to spawns and logic to make it play more like a traditional 5cp map
First release
Last update
Symmetrical CP

Resource team

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Latest updates

  1. Rc5

    Clipping around doorways More clipping Some texture changes
  2. Rc4

    Replaced all assets to be in line with asset pack, mostly in name only Some prop changes. Replaced some chairs with folding varients. Lighting changes on non-HDR version. Sun is halved in brightness. This should have always been the case but I...
  3. Rc3

    Fixed a bug with forwards spawns Clipping fixes

Latest reviews

This map is Made In Heaven!
Its a fantastic map.