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Medieval Burghausen RC1 (Reupload)

Made by Gagdet

  1. Gadget
    A medieval mode attack/defend map with 3 stages.

    The download comes with a navigation mesh for bots but they are not really smart in medival mode. The Halloween event version is also included in the download.

    The map is now also available on the TF2 workshop so please leave a vote for it: Vote for Burghausen.


    1. Workshop_Burghausen_Screenshot02.jpg
    2. Workshop_Burghausen_Screenshot01.jpg
    3. Workshop_Burghausen_Screenshot05.jpg
    4. Workshop_Burghausen_Screenshot06.jpg
    5. Workshop_Burghausen_Screenshot10.jpg
    6. Workshop_Burghausen_Screenshot11.jpg
    7. Workshop_BurghausenEvent_Screenshot01.jpg
    8. Workshop_BurghausenEvent_Screenshot06.jpg
    9. Workshop_BurghausenEvent_Screenshot11.jpg
    10. Workshop_BurghausenEvent_Screenshot13.jpg
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