Brimstone rc3

It's friday night of the living dead! Let's lose our minds, here we go for Halloween!

  1. ics
    I figured i'd post this here since i forgot earlier. It would have been tiresome to update it everywhere but i should have done this few weeks ago already. But here it is now. Any input, feedback or suggestion is welcome. Thanks.

    Welcome to (fire and) Brimstone! The long awaited (well not really) cousin of Hellstone! Redmond Mann has risen from the depths of Hell and you must return him to that ghastly awful place! Do it, if you dare!

    Horrors await you, are you already scared? Because you should be! There is a 12,5% chance that you might see something that might rip your head off or blast you into small tiny baby pieces! But not each time you play. Sometimes the chances are 100% and it's very much the end of you! Meet Merasmus (voice only) that cast spells and awakens horrors (sometimes)! If you are taking too long with this map to beat, he will arrive live to finish you all off! But you can instead finish him too!

    This year i concentrated more on the gameplay. So if you hated Hellstone, you definitely will like Brimstone more! YOU CAN PLAY THIS MAP RIGHT NOW! Connect to - runs this map 24/7!

    Play the map to find out more on what it provides! Do it several times, otherwise you might miss something!

    Thanks and have fun!


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