Brewing a2b

A 5CP map set around a brewery and hidden lunar passenger rockets

  1. worMatty
    This is a 5CP map.
    It came about when I had some ideas for an interesting mid and last.

    Mid has players fighting around cylindrical brewing vats, on two connected levels.
    Last has attackers fighting to get to a control point on a high level.

    The map was an experiment in design. I wanted to mix 'top-down' elements that I had imagined (those being ideas for cool play spaces that came to me separately) and a bottom-up approach, where you establish some rules about layout to avoid problems and give each class something to do. I wanted to make a 5CP map that had some fresh kinds of places to fight in, and still provide the great tug-of-war and area control gameplay that players like.
    It it my first standard map. I was reluctant to produce one because I didn't want to make something that people thought was bad, so I worked the most on non-standard and concept maps like Deathrun, Fort Wars and Robot Destruction.

    Versions a1, a2 and a2a were last tested in November 2015. Version a2b had some minor changes from feedback and was tested in December 2016.

    I intend to post about the map's development and how I responded to feedback in the discussion portion of this download.


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