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72hr Jam 2022 Atrium a1a

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72hr Jam 2022 Atrium a1a

A shit map made in five hours.


I made a KoTH map for the 72hr jam thing.

I wasn't going to make anything because I've been working during the jam, but fuck it. Let's see what I can produce in a hurry.

I try to steer clear of cookie cutter layouts and provide something original in each map I make, when I can, though I think I unconsciously took some inspiration from a stage in Lijiang Tower, an Overwatch map. This map will probably suffer from overcrowding and get feedback about extreme height variation but it's an A1 so it's all good. I welcome all criticism and suggestions If you enjoyed anything about it, lemme know. I may develop it further.



First release
Last update
King of the Hill

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Latest updates

  1. Removed extra tf_gamerules entity that prevented the clocks from working

    Removed extra tf_gamerules entity that prevented the clocks from working.
  2. Re-uploading due to forum download database fuckup

    Re-uploading the map because all the downloads hosted on the site have become disassociated with their threads due to a faulty plugin.
  3. Packed some custom materials

    Sorry, I forgot that I used some custom materials from Frontline! and Construction. I haven't uploaded the map to the game servers yet, so it's safe to keep it as A1.