Castle Steveh (Deathrun)

Castle Steveh (Deathrun) 2c

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Castle Steveh (Deathrun) 2c

A deathrun map set in a castle, with seven minigames.


Greets, all!

Castle Steveh is a simple Deathrun map. Some of the traps are the instant, guaranteed-death types that plague poor Deathrun maps, but some traps are avoidable using skill and timing. It's a cheerful map that doesn't leave you frustrated. It has seven minigames.

The original was made for CSS by the author SCHWARZ, and was named Castlerun. It was ported to TF2 by CAL. Unfortunately that version had dysfunctional traps, some exploits and was not aesthetically pleasing. I began to improve the map, using it as a workbench on which I practised my mapping ability.


Configuring The Map

Some elements in the map can be configured to suit your server environment. This is done using a map config file. Please read the instructions included in the download archive, as they contain important information.

VSH Prefixed Version

If you need the map to have a 'vsh' prefix, you can safely rename the file to add one. I have included two sets of soundscape, sound script and cubemap files, one for each filename. Please note that renaming the file any other way will break the map.

Distribution And Modification
  • Please do not upload this map to any other download service. I prefer to have central control over releases. Always check my official locations for my maps. Game Banana, or my own web site.
  • Please don't modify the map to fix anything. If you have a problem with the map, speak to me and I will help you.
  • Do not remove any credits images. It's important that the original author's work and my enhancements are properly represented.

Want To Modify The Map Logic?

You can use a Metamod plugin named Stripper:Source to edit map logic. Any changes are loaded with the map by the server and do not require you to edit the map and redistribute it to your clients.

On top of this, I have built special trigger_multiple brushes in to the map for use with Stripper. They are:
  • Surrounding spawn (stripper_trig_spawn)
  • The top of the central tower (stripper_trig_top)
  • The arena (stripper_trig_arena and stripper_trig_arena2)
Use them to change features and functions, such as giving players conditions using the trigger_add_tf_player_condition brush entity.

Problems With The Map

If you are experiencing problems with the map or have noticed something that needs fixing, please let me know by emailing me, finding me on Steam or sending me a private message on Game Banana. Please don't take it upon yourself to decompile the map and fix it yourself because you might break something, and other server operators could benefit if you report the issues to me and I make an updated version.

References and third-party material
  • Sonic The Hedgehog - Spikes death sound
  • Sonic The Hedgehog 2 - Death Egg level music (motivator loop)
  • Apparently, Stargate SG-1 - Teleporter sound
  • Wayne Hill and The Noveltones - Left Bank Two (a piece of music from a classic British art TV programme)
Skybox pine trees made by TheDarkerSideofYourShadow, available from


Thanks to the community at Steveh's Server for play testing and accepting the map.

For helping me to test and learn, thanks specifically to:
  • Aaron
  • ScandinavianSocialist
  • Jon (Prof. Jon/Pootis)
  • Hastaman
  • Pootisman
  • Vincentor
  • Mario6493
  • Lava Cake
  • CookieMonstah
  • Quiche Robbery
Apologies to anyone I left out.

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  1. Reuploaded due to forum download database fuckup

    Reuploaded due to forum download database fuckup