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wormatty_72 a1

Robot Destruction reduction. Concept map for 72hr comp.

72hr comp map. rd_wormatty_72.

Many people complain they don't understand Robot Destruction and find it too complicated. It is complicated but I don't think that's a bad thing. I hated cp_steel for ages because I didn't know the layout. I like rd_asteroid because of the multiple demands made of teach team - 1. Defend robots, 2. Defend core, 3. Attack enemy robots, 4. Attack enemy core. Such complexity is overwhelming for the inexperienced player, but once someone understands how to play or use something that is complex, they can manage it easily and may get a feeling of pride as they display their competence and mastery to their friends. Much like us mappers and Hammer and the Source Engine.

I had a bunch of ideas for the 72hr competition but I was not able to successfully plan any of them prior to the event. On the evening of the Saturday I found myself feeling aimless after a rough start and successive failure to get anything off the ground. So I fell back on a concept map I had thought up some months back.

The common complaints from people who refuse to take the time to play rd_asteroid enough to understand it are the apparent complexity and multiple game mode aspects. Asteroid has aspects from Control Point, Capture The Flag and also a bit of Core Destruction from Unreal Tournament (shoot the enemy core to score points). The objectives are both fixed and mobile, and unless one knows the map, one can find it hard to understand what is going on. So I have made a map that takes the attacking aspects of Asteroid and rigidly structures them in a progressive, linear format like CP, and simplifies the defending to just shooting anyone who is in your base.

Each team has three sets of robots - A, B and C - and a core vault which contains a flag-type container. The enemy team must first destroy the A robots and collect their cores. When those robots are destroyed, then access to the B robot room is enabled. Once the B robots are destroyed, the C robots are accessible. When the C robots are dead, the defending team's core vault is opened up. This contains all of the cores they have stolen from the enemy so far. The enemy now has a 20 second window to load up the core container with as many cores as he can, before the defenders have a chance to respawn and kill him. If he manages to grab some cores and make it back to his own base's core vault, he will add those cores to his team's score.

A > B > C > Core.

For anyone who is interested in Robot Destruction, but doesn't want to take the time to play Asteroid to fully learn it or finds the learning curve too steep, this should be a nice introduction to the mode.

I must stress that the map is a concept. I have no hope of winning the competition with this design. The middle area is really just filler, so bear that in mind when you criticise the layout. But I welcome all criticism, no matter how scathing it may sound to you, as long as it's useful. I expect the map will not play comfortably on a full server but we shall see.

Thanks! I hope you find some enjoyment.

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