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Brewing a2b

A 5CP map set around a brewery and hidden lunar passenger rockets

  1. Minor modifications from feedback

    Minor modifications to routes and spaces, from feedback:

    Added nobuild to tanks above mid doorways.
    Removed underground bypass from 3 to 5.
    Removed underground route from below 5 to behind 5.
    Added cover to 4 to make it more enjoyable for vulnerable players.

    a2b was a quick edit that addressed the largest and easiest-to-fix gripes of play testers of a2a. They should change the action around 5 a lot, since attackers can no longer bypass 4 on their way to 5 from their 2nd forward spawn, and...
  2. Rebuilt from scratch and altered much of the map

    All of the feedback I received from people who play tested version a1 was useful. Thank you to all of you who played my map, and to all of you who told me what you thought about it.

    Version a2 was built from scratch. It was easier than altering version a1, because the feedback I received and my resulting design decisions necessitated a lot of changes of dimensions and passages.

    I will leave the details of what has changed to the discussion portion of this download, as I intend to write...