Breezy a6

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I was completely remaking this map from the ground up to look and play significantly better. Below is a screenshot of my progress.


Before I do that, however, I wanted to test the core map again and go off of feedback that was given a year ago that I vaguely remember.
  • Added another exit from spawn so you don't have to go through the onslaught of huntsman arrows. This also helps the back area get used more
  • Spectator cams
  • The capture zone switches on and off on a timer
  • Winning team suffers a slightly longer respawn time
Breezy has received a major aesthetic overhaul. It now uses well's ambient and floodlights have been placed around to compensate.

Some displacements were added around, too.

- Added more shrubbery
- Removed some scaffolding at mid
- More crates
- Side rooms received some Arabian-inspired architecture

Some money shots-



Blu team can ACTUALLY score now!

-Decreased spawn times (or at least I'm trying to)
-Decreased points necessary to win
-Lowered some of the height at mid
-Added more detailing to mid
-Added stone textures to the floor
-Changed medium health kit behind mind to full health kit
-Added fade distance to bush props
-Decreased fog
-Changed flag pickup sounds

And of course,
-Blu team can now score

Also, I'm no longer going to restrict this theme to eastern Florida. Instead, I was thinking an Arabic mirage-like setting.

I would also like to say that the objective will not always work as it is right now. In the future I plan to have it move around the map after certain periods of time, or after a certain amount of points have been awarded. Enjoy!


-optimizations (oh dear god)
-ambient sounds
-make the area behind mid more useful other than health, for now



- Fixed the invisible floor texture (was a construction pack texture)
- Centered the map on the origin point
- Fixed player clipping on the blue side of the map that wasn't there
- Shortened wooden platforms outside spawn
- Added more detail to the stone ledges so they make more sense
- Removed some of the rocky cliff near the capture zone
- Added a little more signage