Breezy a6

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Breezy a6

A medieval player destruction map on some warm place.


This description was created by the first alpha. It may not be up to date.

A medieval player destruction map on the east coast of Florida or something.

For now, players will drop a placeholder crate which you deliver to a cross near the center.

In the future, there will be two or even 3 different capture zones that players will have to deliver to periodically. Right now, only one is added and is always active.
Man, I wish i knew logic!





(also, i know how to take proper images... just a little lazy right now.)

Also, thanks Egan for the PD template :jimijam:
Diva Dan
First release
Last update
Player Destruction

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Latest updates

  1. revival

    I was completely remaking this map from the ground up to look and play significantly better. Below is a screenshot of my progress. Before I do that, however, I wanted to test the core map again and go off of feedback that was given a year ago...
  2. Hey, who turned off the lights?

    Breezy has received a major aesthetic overhaul. It now uses well's ambient and floodlights have been placed around to compensate. Some displacements were added around, too. - Added more shrubbery - Removed some scaffolding at mid - More crates...
  3. TF2? FAIR??

    Blu team can ACTUALLY score now! -Decreased spawn times (or at least I'm trying to) -Decreased points necessary to win -Lowered some of the height at mid -Added more detailing to mid -Added stone textures to the floor -Changed medium health kit...