Breakwater Bay A3

A single stage payload through a small harbor

  1. Version A3: Now With Roofing

    The Guy You Know
    Added roofs to many structures
    adjusted clipping and other details
    changed placement, added and removed features
  2. Payload Breakwater Version A2 Overhaul

    The Guy You Know
    A nearly complete redesign of Break Water Bay from the 2017 TF2 72hr map jam. It now features major layout changes and bugfixes.
    PL_comparison 1.png
    Major Layout Changes:
    Remade blue team's First Spawn
    Replaced terrain near first capture point with displacements
    Removed second blue team spawn room, combined with third spawn.
    Removed red team's first spawn room combined with final terminus spawn.
    Reworked bay area, now includes ramps, interiors and alternate paths.