Breakwater Bay A3

A single stage payload through a small harbor

  1. The Guy You Know
    Update 22-2-20: I've recently updated this map, some screenshots may not reflect the current version.

    Formally my first 72 hour tf2 jam and also my first payload map. Breakwater Bay is a single stage payload map that runs through a small h̶a̶r̶b̶o̶u̶r̶ marina that spirals inward to the final terminus.

    The map layout is still unsettled but once done I plan on using a combination "Frontline" and "Bullet Crops" props.


    A Boojum Snarks Ultimate Mapping Resource Pack: it's helped a lot when making this.

    Skybox: pl_badwater's sky texture and light settings according to the developer wiki:

    All additional models and recourses that are being used belong to their respected creators.


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