Breakwater Bay

Breakwater Bay A4

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Breakwater Bay A4

A single stage payload through a small harbor

Update 22-2-20: I've recently updated this map, some screenshots may not reflect the current version.

Formally my first 72 hour tf2 jam and also my first payload map. Breakwater Bay is a single stage payload map that runs through a small h̶a̶r̶b̶o̶u̶r̶ marina that spirals inward to the final terminus.

The map layout is still unsettled but once done I plan on using a combination "Frontline" and "Bullet Crops" props.


A Boojum Snarks Ultimate Mapping Resource Pack: it's helped a lot when making this.

Skybox: pl_badwater's sky texture and light settings according to the developer wiki:

All additional models and recourses that are being used belong to their respected creators.
The Guy You Know
First release
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Latest updates

  1. Version A4

    Major overhauls of first capture point and final terminus. Large reduction in sight lines, adjustments of payload track, and addition of new interior spaces. Spawn room design has been re balanced, red now has a new 2nd spawn from the terminus...
  2. Version A3: Now With Roofing

    Added roofs to many structures adjusted clipping and other details changed placement, added and removed features
  3. Payload Breakwater Version A2 Overhaul

    A nearly complete redesign of Break Water Bay from the 2017 TF2 72hr map jam. It now features major layout changes and bugfixes. Major Layout Changes: Remade blue team's First Spawn Replaced terrain near first capture point with displacements...