Bonk Machine

Bonk Machine v4

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Bonk Machine v4

A retro styled soda machine for both teams.

Has 2 skins and self illum on the interior light. Let me know if anything can be improved.
First release
Last update

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Latest updates

  1. Fix for error

    This should fix the error. PLEASE make sure to delete any old versions that may be under tf/custom or tf/models. It will not work properly if there are other versions installed.
  2. Fix for compile and lods

    -Fixed compile issue (hopefully for good this time.) - Added lods. 1k -> 500 -> 200 tris - Uses vpk system now
  3. fixed not appearing in map/crashing

    accidentally had 2 $surfaceprop lines causing it to create errors on map compile.

Latest reviews

Really well designed, and works pretty well with the artstyle of the game. I love that it looks a little worn down as well. A cute little decoration for lobby-like areas of maps or hangout maps.
This is an excellent model. I love the details and the art style is perfect.
Looks really good and fits the artstyle well