Water Path

Water Path a7

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Water Path a7

A fight for the point in an alpine setting.

Fight for the rights to dominate this alpine mining facility. Hope people like it.

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First release
Last update
King of the Hill

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Latest updates

  1. Update to path through river and balcony over looking the point.

    Biggest changes include: - Removed sewer path into river. - Cliff path above river has been replaced with a large room with a drop down into river. Added a medium med/ammo kit here as well. - Increased the side of the balcony over looking the...
  2. Adjustments to warehouse and a new path around mid

    Noteable changes - The warehouse next to the point has been redesigned. I didn't receive any feedback on this specific area but it was obvious that this area needed to be redesigned, it just felt off. It was definitely overscaled. Generally...
  3. opened up mid again

    Mid was clearly too cramped after my changes in the last update. Noteablechanges include: - Clipped off roof of center. - Blocked off the upper windows and one of the lower windows on each side. - Removed scaffolding from last update that...

Latest reviews

This is a good map, but it needs work on paths getting out of the river. Some areas are confusing. From my experience, people in the TF2 community generally do not like when they can't easily see where people are attacking from. Make sure every area that has a good sight line is well lit. This map has good aesthetic and fits the TF2 art style. This map is fun as is, but has potential to be a great map.