Sky Lock

Sky Lock b1

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Sky Lock b1

Red and Blue fight over an underground missile base.

hi : )

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First release
Last update
King of the Hill

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Latest updates

  1. Finally Beta

    pretty much anything that was once rough is almost complete now. - biggest changes were to the ourdor areas and lowering the oob detailing so its visible. - revamp of detailing in half circle thingy (NOW DARK AND MYSTERIOUS) - revamp of launch...
  2. Extended flank route, small art pass

    - Added rocket (still is WIP but its nice to have something!) - Lengthened one of the flank routes so it takes longer to get to the point (should take close to the same amount of time as other paths) - Updated soundscapes on blue side - Fixed...
  3. updates based on feedback as well as some minor changes to the point

    - changed capture point time from 10 -> 8 seconds - added some cover to center capture pointt - decreased size of farther battlements area - added big pipe boi to middle catwalk where old point was located - art updates based on some feedback -...