Redplanet a6

2nd place winner of the 72hr contest anno 2014

  1. Spipper
    Just remembered I never made a thread for this map.

    So here we go:

    Redplanet is an experimental invade-ctf-koth map made in 72 hours back in 2014.
    The flag starts out neutral in the middle of the map. When a team picks up the flag and captures it in the enemy teams base, the capturing teams koth timer starts counting down. When the enemy team caps the flag in your base, your team's timer pauses and the enemy's timer starts.

    This is a newer version than the one from 72hr contest and features a new route from lower middle to lobby and a small but important fix to the gamemode, which prevents a team from instantly winning when the enemy team captures the flag in overtime.

    Custom content used:
    Globe from bulletcrops pack.
    256 hu handrail from a trainyard handrail pack.


    1. ctf_redplanet_a60000.jpg
    2. ctf_redplanet_a60001.jpg
    3. ctf_redplanet_a60002.jpg
    4. ctf_redplanet_a60003.jpg