Well_event rc4

What horrors await you in the Hotels of Hell...?

  1. Spipper
    After 4 years, the Halloween makeover of one of TF2's oldest maps - cp_well - is finally complete!

    Welcome... to Hotel Hell!

    In addition to the usual Halloween gimmicks, such as exploding pumpkin bombs and spellbooks, the layout itself has been heavily altered in order to open up new movement options and break up the stale and chokepoint-heavy gameplay of vanilla cp_well.

    Uses following custom content:
    Blu manor props

    cp_well_event_rc40000.jpg cp_well_event_rc30012.jpg cp_well_event_rc30013.jpg cp_well_event_rc30014.jpg


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Recent Updates

  1. Final update(???)
  2. Small update before Halloween
  3. Quick Update

Recent Reviews

  1. RevolutionTeam
    Version: rc2
    Well is an amazing map, and an event version should've been made a long time ago. If Valve had to remove a map to add this, I'd be ok with that.
  2. AliDances
    Version: rc1
    Pretty badass, I wish there were servers running it.
  3. Anonymous
    Version: b2a
    Looks brilliant!