Baunsberg A4

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Baunsberg A4

To-be Payload map set in a rottenburg-like town in fall. High chance of being stinky.

Introducing Baunsberg; currently an in alpha sitting payload map that, as always, probably is a bit too large at some edges.

I'll complete this one trust me.
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Latest updates

  1. Flanks and a Last Overhaul... I think?

    Hiya. It has been a decent amount of time and quite frankly, I took a rather large break due to bigger circumstances taking up my time (cough smash ultimate) But either way, here is a map update. To be quite honest I do not remember a bunch of...
  2. Flanks n' Fixes

    - Added a flank route around the path to the second cap - Added a flank route around the path to the third cap - Expanded a variety of roofs to make it clearer you cant stand on them - Added a few arrows to help navigate - Adjusted respawn times...
  3. A rework

    This Update... basically remade the entire map because I personally was not satisfied with it. The general structure is the same, however as far as anything else goes, its entirely different. PS: Dealing with map logic still is a massive pain.