LenovothinkpadT540 A3

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LenovothinkpadT540 A3

3CP A/D which took way too much time to make

Originally made for the 72hr jam (known as lenovothinkpadT72) this map is a heavily modified and updated version of that map, which was very, very rough. This one is slightly less rough.

This map took an awkwardly long amount of time to develop for a state I am unsure is as good as it should be considering the time invested. We''ll see, though!

I plan to get this map to RC, though with very sporadic and probably rare updates. But surely by 2025 it'll be done B)
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First release
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Attack/Defense CP

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Latest updates

  1. It starts with

    CHANGELOG A3: - Entirely redid the BLU SPAWN -> A area, now being much shorter and compact, drastically decreasing BLU walktimes to the point at the cost of losing some (imo) cool combat space. - Max Time on the clock is now 10, as pub rules go...
  2. But will we reach z

    Another small patch of an idea I had in the shower we will never reach A3 The primary change is that I extended the building RED chills in @ A outwards into the A-B Connector while also offering a balcony into the connector, which offers a...
  3. Shifu Robot

    Imp died during map last time but I still got some goods CHANGELOG A2D: - Fixed some displacement issues - Added the obligatory pub force-respawn for RED after BLU caps a point - Moved BLU spawn to the forward door after B is capped as a slight...