Baunsberg A4

To-be Payload map set in a rottenburg-like town in fall. High chance of being stinky.

  1. Flanks and a Last Overhaul... I think?

    Hiya. It has been a decent amount of time and quite frankly, I took a rather large break due to bigger circumstances taking up my time (cough smash ultimate)

    But either way, here is a map update. To be quite honest I do not remember a bunch of stuff that was changed, so the changelog is gonna be pretty vague.

    - Reworked the last and second point by adding new paths and flanks
    - moved bridge area at first to block a few sightlines
    - hopefully fixed a few map logic issues

  2. Flanks n' Fixes

    - Added a flank route around the path to the second cap
    - Added a flank route around the path to the third cap
    - Expanded a variety of roofs to make it clearer you cant stand on them
    - Added a few arrows to help navigate
    - Adjusted respawn times
    - Slightly curved the path under the bridge of First to make the sightline less oof
    - Hopefully fixed RED getting stuck in the first spawn
    - Replaced the wacky rocks with a ramp after first
    - Fixed a few holes
    - Raised the RED respawn around Last to...
  3. A rework

    This Update... basically remade the entire map because I personally was not satisfied with it. The general structure is the same, however as far as anything else goes, its entirely different.

    PS: Dealing with map logic still is a massive pain.
  4. Hotfix Red Spawn

    - fixed red getting stuck in spawn because respawnroomvisualizers are acting up

    "There are two things which are endless, the universe and the amount of problems you get when you work on map logic when you are really tired, and I'm not sure about the first one"
    - Albert Einstein, 2016