72hr Bagel rc2a

It looks like a donut

  1. Clipping fix

    - Fixed a spot where players could stand on an exposed clip in lobby
    - Fixed some floating props
  2. RC2 Update

    - Boosted lighting for visibility (comparison)
    - Fixed misc clipping issues
    - Added new crate in patio area to fix a dumb sightline and generally improve options in that area


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  3. RC1 Update

    Thank you to everyone who played this map in any of its iterations, whether it was in MapChamp the last couple of weeks, an experimental cup, or even if you played an early version - it's thanks to all of you that Bagel got this far. I hope you've all enjoyed playing it and I hope that you continue to in the future.

    - Fucktons of visual improvements all over
    - Tweaked skybox and lighting colours
    - Added Badlands' colour-correction
    - Blockbullets pass on all wood beams, now your...
  4. So much feedback oh my god

    First, thank you so much to ozFortess, ETF2L and various pug groups for playing this map, I got so much feedback and got to watch so many matches and it has given me so much to work with!

    I've made a few changes based on what you've said and what I've seen and hopefully they improve the way the map plays.

    Lobby exists the way it does to allow options for forward holds (not, as some people speculated, to simply extend walk times), so I've raised the ceilings and widened the window to make...
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  5. fps drop fix

    - Determined crows were source of random fps drops for some people, removed for now
  6. Visual / Optimisation update

    - Includes changes from "e1" version on tftv
    - Various visual improvements
    - Simplified long staircase into a ramp and removed a jutting wall
    - Lighting improvements on the mid point
    - Improved rendering around the map to hopefully raise fps
    - Added fade distances to a lot of props
    - Crow Improvements

    More changes will come from feedback later. Please let me know of any issues with the map.


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  7. Completed Artpass + Workshop Release



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  8. clipping fixes

    - Fixed some clipping issues that allowed exploits
    - Fixed/Edited soundscapes
    - Added decent spec cams
  9. The Artpass

    Been working on this since around when TotH was on; my first ever complete artpass.

    With bagel's name starting to be thrown around a bit I figured I should make the map look presentable, and I tried to give it a unique aesthetic since it's a fairly unique map.

    This is just an artpassed version of a10, the only gameplay change is the removal of access to the balcony for non-jumping classes, and the removal of a perch spot I never saw used. I will revert these changes if they prove to be...
  10. More updates from feedback/pugs

    - Removed underground route (Didn't contribute anything to the map)
    - Added larger platform in its place, moved pickups from underground to there.
    - Halved cap time
    - Enlarged capzone (Replaced the Bagel shape with a square minus two corners)
    - Lowered highest platform entrance to mid (intended to nerf sniper but might mess w/ things, trying for a version to find out)
    - Added a little hazard strip to highlight a jump in lobby

    Haven't yet addressed concerns over complexity of lobby, it's...