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undetailed version of gorge

  1. Asd417
    This is the undetailed version of Gorge.
    Where did I get it?
    I deleted all the details myself

    1. To be used as artpass practice vmf. This is what I am intending to do myself.
    2. Couldn't find anything else to do but wanted to use hammer

    I didn't notice how detailed gorge is before I undetailed it. kinda prop spam though, with 900 pipes and such.

    The vmf only has:
    world geometry that affects gameplay.
    geometry defining props
    game logics
    tool brushes

    I deleted all the unnecessary func_details so that you guys can modify it as if it's the actual beta map. I didn't simply replaced all textures to dev textures and deleted some props. If that is what I did, there's less reason to upload it here in the first place.

    What you can do with this file:
    1. Artpass it
    2. Anything else you can think of

    You should never download this to look at valve's way of making maps. Seriously, I was massively disappointed by their way of detailing. There are details hidden away in a sealed room, there are details inside other brushes, micro-brushes, brushes clipping through each other, etc...

    Hope this file is somewhat helpful.

    I might do this for another map but that depends on whether majority wants it.