Rancher b7

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Rancher b7

mvm ripe reborn

Been building this for a quite a long time now. Gotta release it now.

This is a remake of mvm_ripe therefore it borrows its original layout while improving large part of it.

wave_start_relay_timer: bomb with 45 second timer
wave_start_relay: bomb does not reset

wave_init_relay: chooses middle or right path
wave_init_relay_route_r: forces right path
wave_init_relay_route_m: forces middle path
wave_init_relay_route_l: forces left path

left path is design-wise sort of flawed and when chosen, causes the path to feel very different from middle or right path which is why it is not a randomly selectable path.
Not recommended but mission makers may find uses when forcing certain kind of gameplay.

wave_relay_enable_evil_sentrynest: Enables engi nests that are close to the hatch. Could be very punishing. Only active for one wave.

relay_open_front_upgrade: Opens front upgrade station door
relay_close_front_upgrade: Closes front upgrade station door
relay_open_front_upgrade_45sec: Opens front upgrade station for 45 seconds and pauses bot spawn during that

spawnbot_right: Right side from the perspective of red team looking at bot spawn
spawnbot_chief: Passage on the left


tank_start_harvester: path_track in shack. Must be used for harvester tanks

Relays for harvester tanks
relay_tankboss_harvester: FirstSpawnOutput relay for harvester tanks
relay_harvester_destroy: OnKilledOutput relay for harvester tanks but you dont actually need it.

There can be only one harvester tank active at once
Harvester Tanks must be named tankboss_harvester (Name "tankboss_harvester")

Highly recommend that you spawn harvester tank as the first tank to spawn in shack since there is a special effect when the harvester tank goes through the corn field. Also tank spawn logic might break, haven't tested that.

No special tags for nav_prefer.

This map is not designed for reverse mod. This has been in development since beforce sig mod was even a thing so if something breaks, don't be surprised. I might light up the spawn rooms if there are requests.
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First release
Last update
Mann Vs. Machine

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Latest updates

  1. b7

    Forgot what changed. But things did change for the better
  2. b6

    Nav improvements Added Details Bot path hologram fix Engineer hint now activates depending on the activated route
  3. b5

    b5 Fixed Engineer teleporters