Swirl Event

Swirl Event rc7a

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Swirl Event rc7a

Swirl got Cir-cursed!!!!!

Oooooh spooky

You may use tag 'kartbot' to make the bots ride karts. Remember to put IgnoreFlag on them because bots on karts cant really cap flags properly.
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First release
Last update
Mann Vs. Machine

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Latest updates

  1. rc7a

    rc7a Blocked teleporter spot in tank spawn Fixed textures
  2. rc7

    Various fixes
  3. rc6

    Removed clip brush

Latest reviews

I played Swirl Event for the community Holographic Harvest special and I thought it was fantastic, especially for the Revolving World mission. Swirl was already a strong map, so a visual makeover to look like a burning hell circus made it stand out even more. Maps like these make me wish Valve took the chance to accept community mvm maps for official operations.

Swirl Event doesn't rely on gimmicks, no spells, no crazy custom gamemode changes, it just takes a excellent map already and gives it a Halloween flair to celebrate it with.