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Complete overhaul of pretty much the entire map.
Focused mostly on reducing chokes and letting the map breathe more.

In short:
- Extra spawn exit added for BLU
- Extra flank added for A
- Flanks for A simplified
- Layout for A simplified
- Added tunnel to B
- Simplified layout around B
- Set door at B to open on cap instead of at path_track
- Moved BLU's forward spawns
- Overhauled final point totally

20201222161032_1.jpg 20201224220438_1.jpg 20201224220446_1.jpg 20201224220459_1.jpg 20201224220506_1.jpg 20201224220514_1.jpg
Forgot to post this update, been making some major updates since my last uploaded A2.

Most of the points have been heavily edited and some early landscaping has taken place. A is now on a proper cliff's edge, B is the same, C is inside the mountains and D is inside a vulcano. Will publish more smaller updates after a huge one like this.

Screens: https://imgur.com/a/JAvf8yf

Let me know what you think!