Autumn a1

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Autumn a1

An autumn map set in a small dusty farm

Welcome to koth_autumn (name change pending)! This map is set in a small semi-abandoned farm kinda dealio, with tall cliffs on each side.

This is my first map, so it may not be great and suffers heavily from viaduct syndrome, but I'm here to learn!
First release
Last update
King of the Hill

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    Arena sacrifice set in an Indian swamp. Made for Pick It Up.

Latest updates

  1. Revising the Day 1 Patch

    OK I admit I have no idea what I'm doing. I cant very well go and make an a2 before a1 has even been playtested can I thats not right. So I've changed it back to a1. Also added more clipping this update. I hope I'm not gonna get in trouble for...
  2. The Day 1 Patch

    The Day 1 Patch is officially here! Added a little bit of clipping and fixed a leak. The map should now be 8000x as fun
  3. Autumn

    I actually used compilepal this time so no more errors