Swamphole a2

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Swamphole a2

Arena sacrifice set in an Indian swamp. Made for Pick It Up.

My entry into the Pick-It-Up contest, it's arena_Swamphole!

This map is set in a small swampy settlement constructed after a mysterious ancient Indian temple was discovered submerged in the now-drained swamp.

This is my second map, and I'm excited to see how it plays. I know arena sacrifice is barely done but the concept interested me enough to want to try it out.

Arena sacrifice is similar to arena respawn, except you respawn your team by carrying a flag into a death pit at the centre of the map, sacrificing yourself in the process. You win by wiping out the entire enemy team, or by having control of all four flags at the same time. I'm pretty sure arena sacrifice was created by YM, as they made the only two maps I can find for the gamemode, so credit to them.
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    An autumn map set in a small dusty farm

Latest updates

  1. By the Hair of my Teeth

    Changes Version a2 - Shrunk and compressed the layout a considerable amount. - Removed a route between the middle path and the highground flag. - Removed the interior of a building on either side of mid. - Removed almost all health. - Reworked...
  2. The Day 1 Patch

    Changes Version a1a - Fixed a few incorrectly coloured walls - Swapped the colours of a stack of barrels - Made the instructions more opaque - Lowered the flags and changed the stumps to a different model - Fixed a major sightline