Affinity B3

Mayan jungle themed mann vs machine map for the mappers vs machine contest

  1. Post-Contest Update

    Unfortunately the version submitted for the contest had a number of issues, so this update should address most of these

    such as:
    - Files should be named correctly, which should fix server loading issues
    - Nav mesh has been fixed, and bots should now function correctly
    - More that I've forgotten
  2. Last minute stuff

    Now includes an intermediate difficulty popfile in addition to the normal difficulty one.

    I did a bunch of detail changes, ill leave it up to you to find them. I also fixed a few things around the map such as bots not spawning at the cliff spawn.

    The navmesh has also been improved


    1. mvm_affinity_b20001.jpg
    2. mvm_affinity_b20002.jpg
    3. mvm_affinity_b20003.jpg
    4. mvm_affinity_b20004.jpg
    5. mvm_affinity_b20005.jpg
    6. mvm_affinity_b20006.jpg
    7. mvm_affinity_b20007.jpg
    8. mvm_affinity_b20008.jpg
  3. oops I did it again

    detailing is almost done, somehow in the process it turned from underwater to mayan-jungle (dont worry, theres still plenty of water), no idea how that happened :).

    Still only has one popfile, but expect another one before the end of the contest.

    Oh yeah and I changed the layout a bit based on feedback from the last test


    1. mvm_affinity_b10009.jpg
    2. mvm_affinity_b10010.jpg
    3. mvm_affinity_b10011.jpg
    4. mvm_affinity_b10012.jpg
    5. mvm_affinity_b10013.jpg
    6. mvm_affinity_b10014.jpg
  4. Updated to A4


    Map Changes

    - Reworked left bot exit to be a flank route that connects to the upper path

    - Color coded routes - lower is yellow, upper is blue

    - raised ground at first area

    - Removed pillar at first area

    - Lowered first part of upper route to reduce high advantage for defenders

    - Reworked cover at start of upper route to work better for defenders and bots

    - Reworked foward upgrade room to be better scaled and less...
  5. Quick-fix

    Just a fix to the navigation, it should work properly now!
  6. Updated to A3


    Map Changes

    - Moved health and ammo from room with no entry

    - Added nobuild zone on front platform

    - Changed small ammo pack in shelter to large ammo pack

    - Widened walkway by 16hu over large doorway on lower path to allow bots to better use it

    - Brightened some areas

    - Fixed respawn visualizers not showing at blu spawn

    - Changed far left room at first area from ledge to ramp to give bots another flank route

    - Extended Blu respawn room...