mappers vs machines

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  1. Aichten

    mvm_beachfront 2017-07-31

    Spytech Industries has set up shop in an otherwise unassuming town. The underground beach base is under attack, and reinforcements are holding back the pier! Created as part of the Mappers vs. Machines competition. Features: A fun, normal mode A wild advanced mission! (Featuring a tank!) Zany...
  2. the steam RED

    King's park t1

    Welcome to king's park, the center of the city This map made for Mappers vs Machines Contributors: RED - Sedna- Magicpen -
  3. Sage J. Fox

    Factory RC1

    Overview A fairly small MvM map, with a twist! Located in the center of the map is a control room the robots and defenders can fight over King of the Hill style. Depending on which team holds it, conveyor belts leading throughout the map will either run towards or away from the pit, helping the...
  4. Quenquent the babysitter

    mvm_pitfight 2017-07-31

    A not-so-pretty map I made for the Mappers VS. Machine contest. This map is like my old car : not the prettiest, but certainly the best and most unique one in town (and there's that smell of gas when you're in it, and there's a thermonuclear reactor buzzing) This map include : A normal and...
  5. UltimentM

    Commune a2

    Made for the TF2maps's Mapper's vs Machines Contest by UltimentM ( and Gian ( The mercenaries and machines have engaged in an all-out war for a small island town. Its up to the mercs to stop the robot...
  6. Sentry

    Need missions for MvM

    At the beginning sorry for my English. Hey, I'm making map for Mappers vs Machines event, and I need someone who can make for me missions. I know, it's late, but if someone have a free time, please help me. :)
  7. Mazata

    SeaLand 2017-07-23

    SeaLand is a small factory town in the mittle of nowhere that was invaded by Gray Mann and his robot army, but no fear, Red is there to defend the small town from the robots and Gray Download guide: This map contains 2 population files that you should put in...
  8. Heili

    Infuse [MvM] B1a

    Mann Co.'s rural wheat farm takes wheat-production to new production highs. In fact, our facility produces more wheat than bullet casings and rockets than ANY OTHER WHEAT FARM in America. That's a fact! Unfortunately, this perpetuated lie is quickly falling apart as Gray Mann's robot horde have...
  9. DeathAnimations Team

    [MvM] Greenvine 2017-06-24

    My attempt at Mappers Vs Machines contest. (Also my first MvM map). Features: - Forest/jungly like map (Also "greenish" ambience) - - 2 paths for the robots to pass and 1 for the tanks. - - 2 difficulties only: Normal + Hard - (Since this was my first map, I didn't really tried to make much...
  10. Necrσ

    Affinity B3

    A mayan jungle themed mann vs machine map with two main paths for the bots to take, created for the mappers vs machine contest Still figuring out how all this mvm stuff works, any feedback much appreciated. Download contains bsp, nav and pop file as well as installation instructions Credits...
  11. Startacker!

    Diskoff a3

    Diskoff! A map with an (1) elevator in it! And some deathpits too I guess! Uses slightly modified missions from Decoy. (Normal, Intermediate, and Advanced) Throw the contents of the map folder into tf/maps. And toss the .pop files into your tf/scripts/population folder. (Create it if it...