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  1. Ismaciodismorphus

    Ocean Floor 6/15/2022

    This is some old skybox i made Name is sky_oceanfloor_01
  2. MatixPL [F2P]

    koth_poolslide a2

    Big aqualand named "Splash-Well" is out of business, so RED and BLU wants to get, because of big magazine of hats under of it. Who will get it first?
  3. robotranic

    meme tower but its underwater 2018-10-02

    in the year 2018 the badlands has been swept into a new age now called the bad waters many have fled inland to occupies new territory that are away from the approaching threat of the ocean. from this Apocalypse high_tower has become a sanctuary for 2 types of pyro sharks and 4 new species. the...
  4. Suna

    CP_Submerged B2

    A 2CP map set under the sea, in a high-tech facility of some sort. Made for the 72hr summer jam 2018. Current version: Beta Map will continue to recieve updates once the summer jam is over. Under the water Ya we in luck here Down in the muck here Under the sea
  5. OctoBlitz

    Sunken A1

    Sunken is my entry into the TF2Maps 72hr jam, and is an arena map set in the sunken city of New Zealand! (Tf comic #04: Blood in the water) I debated with the gamemode with this one, and if I have enough time I might make a KOTH version of this map with a different mid all together. let me...
  6. Necrσ

    Affinity B3

    A mayan jungle themed mann vs machine map with two main paths for the bots to take, created for the mappers vs machine contest Still figuring out how all this mvm stuff works, any feedback much appreciated. Download contains bsp, nav and pop file as well as installation instructions Credits...
  7. Birdt

    A (Most Likely) Stupid Question

    Is it possible to make entirely submerged maps? I've been trying to find examples of such but I can't find anything of the sort.
  8. Mathyaz

    Water Troubles

    Hey, everyone. I'm quite new here, but not so new to the game. Name is Mathias, stylized as Mathyaz. So, wow, talk about community. Watched Crash's tutorials that have been posted so far about building TF2 maps, and never even knew about a place like this. I hope I can be of some use and enjoy...