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Looked at my maps list and realised I listed this as b2 for the longest time, despite it now officially being in Open Fortress and I thought to myself "huh". I don't think I've seen anyone even play this so it feels bitter sweet knowing I finally got a map to RC, only to realise it's probably not gonna get played often if at all. Eh lesson learned. I wanna do a mdom or deathmatch map in the new year.

-Improved portal flow
-Removed Frontline assets (stencil007 and wetmudfootprints003)
-Added more interest to the 3D skybox
-Fixed misaligned yellow booster textures
-Moved Easter Egg/ Map Signature to be less obvious
-Heightened player spawns on the asteroid as to not be one with the floor
-Reduced map file size


Versions of this map​

In future there will be 2 different duel versions of this map catered to both Vanilla Open Fortress and Pro Open Fortress respectively.

The one you are seeing right now is the Pro Open Fortress version, with the addition of yellow armour spawns. In future I'll add "duel_name_pro_b3" to make that distinction between game types. The Vanilla Version won't be hosted here, but instead features a tommy gun and some extra pills.

Will update the naming conventions when this gets to RC.
Felt like adding detail to a space map more than anything.
No balance changes just added details.
I'll make a dm version of this at some point.


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