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  1. ZaChelbom

    Contamination b1

    This is my attempt at a duel map! I would greatly appreciate any feedback! This map is inspired by many maps featured in Quake Live. Special thanks to TheWither031 (aka Pigeon) for answering all of my questions I have about hammer and giving me lots of helpful feedback! Powerups: Megahealth...
  2. Green-One

    Thepit rc3

    This was my first map I ever made for Open Fortress, inspired by Q2DM1 but it quickly took on its on life! It has been tested with pretty heavily, The reason I'm uploading a Rc3 here first is because this had a few versions on Gamebanana. if there are any issues with this map please let me know...
  3. Jameson

    Butter a1

    An experimental round based duel mode. Layout is just a re-creation of Eye to Eye from Quake Live. Flat map with 4 different spawn points set above the arena. Mercs start with 400hp overheal, that ticks downwards to their base health of 150hp. Mercs are given a Lightning gun and a Rocket...
  4. TheGibusGuy

    Rewmy a1

    This has been rotting on my PC for like half a year. I dunno if this layout is really cool or really bad but I at least think it looks neat. Weapons: 1 Rocket Launcher 2 Railguns 1 Lightning Gun 1 Grenade Launcher 1 Shotgun 1 Nailgun 1 Tommy Gun Pickups: 1 Megahealth 1 Red Armor 2 Yellow...
  5. MadJinjo

    duel_alley a2

    A duel map in an downtown closed off alleyway. ---------------------------------- Weapons Featured Shotgun: 1 Super Shotgun: 1 Nailgun: 1 Chainsaw: 1 Railgun: 1 Rocket Launcher: 1 ---------------------------------- Credits (as of version a1) Map layout: MadJinjo Other assets are either made...
  6. Green-One

    duel_advent rc5

    Advent is a nice, small duel map that is deigned for no more than 5 players, this map has gone through a lot of testing. Please try and leave feedback if you play it! =Credits= Green-One - Layout and Artpass. Wendy and Izzy - Artpass. Psych0pup - Music
  7. AlphaBlaster

    Chemical Warfare Facility (Goldeneye 007) a2

    A faithful recreation of the famous Facility multiplayer level from Goldeneye 007 on the Nintendo 64, with only minor adjustments, such as an additional small pathway in the back area by the stairs, and the addition of two slipgates, one in the "exit" area of the map, and the other in a sort of...
  8. AlphaBlaster

    E1M1 Hangar a2

    (Please note this map will be officialized in Open Fortress's next update, with an artpass by Lena, I am uploading this in the meantime for anyone who wants to host it in its dev-texture state) Stranded in a space station on the Martian moon of Phobos and knee-deep in the dead, might will make...
  9. AlphaBlaster

    72hr Jam 2022 Logistic a2

    A very simple, Quake Live-esque Duel layout with two floors set in a "construction site" with a megahealth, a crit powerup and a couple good weapons. Designed for low player count servers or one-on-one duels. The crit powerup is automatically substituted for a Duel Shield powerup when Duel mode...
  10. d3adfin

    Mann Corp. a5

    manncorp is a duel map inspired by maps like cpm1, cpm3 (cpma) and furnace (reflex) this download includes both base duel and proOF versions of the map this map uses assets from yyrzy's extol pack
  11. arson gaming

    duel_concrete a3b

    duels map with: 3 rooms 1 overheal powerup 1 red armor 1 yellow armor 2 gre*n armor 2 rockets 1 lightning 1 rail 1 shotgun at least 3 pills system requirements: computer x1 open fortress x1
  12. d3adfin

    Hazardzone a1

    hazardzone is a duel map inspired by q1dm6, cpm24 and duel5 (doombringer) it plays slow probably sorry :)
  13. Jameson

    Adrift rc1

    Adrift is a duel map set on a Gray space station with rockets and grenade launchers for Open Fortress Layout is clearly Inspired by longest yard Theming and detail is similar to OF's mctf_longestyard but in the style of Gray Gravel Co. Pro Version: https://gamebanana.com/mods/381659 This is...
  14. d3adfin

    Wheatmill a2a

    wheatmill is a bagel themed open fortress duel map inspired by maps like toxicity (quake live), cpm3 (cpma) and hdm14 (reflex arena).
  15. d3adfin

    Blastpit a1

    blastpit is a 1v1/2v2 clan arena map that i made in 2 hours
  16. d3adfin

    Cold War a1

    coldwar is a kalinka themed open fortress duel map heavily inspired by cpm3 (cpma). this map uses the frontline pack and extol pack. idk why rockets make original sounds so if anyone knows what's up it would be nice to be able to know how to fix it
  17. d3adfin

    Amazon a3b

    amazon is a borneo themed open fortress duel map inspired by maps like cpm15 (cpma), insomnia (quake champions), gt4 (doombringer) and gt5 (reflex arena, cpma). this map has armour on it! if you're running it on a server, make sure you include ProOF with it...
  18. Jameson

    Skybreak a3

    Original level design/layout by: Nathan White (for Diabotical) Theming is probably gonna be a Ylw base or something. Intended to be played 2v2 or 4v4 with the Pro OF config. Pickups: Weapons - (15 second respawn) Rocket Launchers x2 Rail Gun Lightning Gun Grenade Launcher Shotgun Nail Gun...
  19. TheGibusGuy

    Spiral 7.3

    Powerups: 1x Megahealth (35s) Weapons: 2x Rocket Launchers 1x Dynamite 1x Lightning Gun 1x Tommy Gun 1x Nailgun 1x Super Shotgun 1x Shotgun 1x Railgun Health: 1 Medium 2 Small 12 Pills Assets pulled from: TF2 Open Fortress Design influenced by: koth_coalplant pl_swiftwater Special...
  20. Jameson

    Sloth a4

    Sloth is a 1v1 duel map made for Open Fortress, a standalone mod for TF2. The layout is inspired by cpm3, a quake map from cpma. Theming and detail is similar to that of cp_reckoner and mvm_oxidize Walk around: View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JORH8342UFc Pickups: Powerups - (60...