Yalp troubble compiling

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    Sup boys, just got into mapping, making a rocket jump map. I have a small (big) issue. righto, so heres what I get when I compile dis stuff: https://pastebin.com/uF6BPq4M
    now I have 1 jump already (really impressive I know) and I'm working on the second one. if I delete the second one it compiles fine. as soon as I add it this shit happens. I checked for leaks but I didn't find any. so basically, if I compile, and go in tf2, and launch the map, the new jump isn't there. hope someone can help. also idk if these errors even mean anything. but when I compile only the first jump, no errors, first and second, errors.
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    Alt + p opens error dialog. Fix those errors. You seem to have invalid brushes, that cause the compile to fail. There is a option "go to cordinates" in hammer menu, you should take those cordinates from compile log one at a time and put them there. See what is there and fix it.