jump map

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  1. Little Shayman

    jump_ramparts a5

    A map that stemmed from my appreciation of jurf. Ramparts being a pun alluding to such. As of writing this I plan to make this map have a medieval castle aesthetic to match its name. Hopefully it will be an enjoyable map for you, if you have any constructive criticism, please don't hesitate to...
  2. an alias

    what map is this???

    saw it in jump_competitive
  3. POPEL

    jump_jew jump_jew v3

    jump_jew have 6 jumps from easy to hard. (my first map)
  4. Klowwd

    jump_camo a1

    This is the map I made for the jam. It has 7 levels that were made with simple brushwork but designed to be very difficult. I would say this is a t8-9 demo airpogo map. Have fun!

    jump_overheal a3

    This is a demo jump map based around using 8 stickies. Texture are a bit ugly because I wasn't really concerned about aesthetics. Any feedback is welcome but I'm mainly looking for feedback on the jumps. Tier: 3-4 i think ( I dunno there aren't really any 8 sticky maps to compare this too) map...
  6. Muenster Monster

    Forcing players on one team?

    Hello, I'm creating a jump map, and I mostly need general help, since I haven't done this before. Right now though, my question is whether or not it's possible to force players on one team in hammer, and if it is, how.

    jump_placeholder_ b5

    This is a tier 3-4 demo jump map. It can probably be completed as soldier but I have no idea what the tier is. 2 courses: course 1: 10 jumps course 2: 7 jumps 2 bonus jumps Any feedback is appreciated, have fun.
  8. T

    jump_simplejumper V4

    This is my jumper map I decided to make. It currently has 6 Levels, and I plan to add more later. Currently the hardest level (so far) is 6, I hope you enjoy, and whatever you do, don't join blu.
  9. GuttyKreum

    ob_akhraten_a4 a4

    I had completed the map (reusing some haddou structures) quite a while back and this was to be a scout obstacle course map for a TFCL event. I am not sure if the event is going to happen or even if this map will be used; however, have fun and don't (or do) cheat with boston basher/winger jumps.

    jump_pyropoots_a4 2017-11-12

    A jump map designed for the Thermal Thruster. This map is Intended for players with a bit of jumping experience already under their belt. Notice: Many jumps on this map utilize a trick which allows for a second thrust to be used any time after the initial launch. To do this, simply bump your...
  11. I is Rabbit

    Yalp troubble compiling

    Sup boys, just got into mapping, making a rocket jump map. I have a small (big) issue. righto, so heres what I get when I compile dis stuff: https://pastebin.com/uF6BPq4M now I have 1 jump already (really impressive I know) and I'm working on the second one. if I delete the second one it...
  12. Katzen2127

    jump_artificial_jam a1

  13. NZNinja99

    jump_LXXII B1

    My jump map submission for the 72 hour Jam. This is a short jump map for designed for soldier but possible as demo. I have included within the .zip download a regen script. Please place this in \Steam\steamapps\common\Team Fortress 2\tf\cfg and type exec regen into console once you have loaded...
  14. 200

    Jump.tf Jump Jam 2

    Jump Jam is somehow similar to TF2Maps 72h contest. I know that jump maps and mappers are not very common here, but here is an announcement just in case someone would like to try himself as a jump mapper. TF2 jump mapping ideology is slightly different from regular mappers' minds. Usually maps...
  15. Umaroth-24

    echelon v2

    An easy soldier jump map with 18 jumps. I am basically putting it here for the download, but ofcourse feedback is welcome as well :D. [WARNING] you should be cautious trying to sync without having the gunboats equiped, it could otherwise kill you. jump.tf thread Thanks to: probably rexy for...
  16. Rock_

    Question on Explosions

    Hey guys, I was wondering how to get a rocket to be absorbed by a wall and to get a stickybomb that is detonated on that wall to not hit you. This is commonly seen in jump maps, I want to replicate that sort of effect. Thanks!