CP Xarksmap A5

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Feb 8, 2016
it looks like this is your first map and i got to say it looks great. I see some really interesting geometry and ideas going on and i cant wait to give it a shoot. One thing though. judging by the screenshots the map has Full Bright enabled ( it should be because of hammer ) recompile the map with normal settings on so when we eventually play the map it will be more enjoyable. ( cuz full bright hurts our eyes )


L2: Junior Member
Aug 25, 2018
I suggest not using the orange dev texture, it doesn't look as good as white or gray ones, plus they are more team neutral.


L1: Registered
Sep 28, 2018
Update Notes
- Fixed some sniper sightlines
- Changed orange textures to gray textures
- Made the hazard signs around the points lower for improved gameplay
- Second point redesigned for balance
- Increased the length of the last area and redesigned some parts for balance
- Recreated a better chokepoint at middle
- Swapped forward-spawns in the middle area
- Removed wrongly placed entities (such as health packs)

Ridiculous respawn timers were noted as a big problem for players, as it is set to 20 by default. Although, as a relatively new mapper i will have to look into fixes for that in another update, along with better lighting. I just wanted to get these other fixes out as soon as possible.

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