Which is better? An animated spawn door or an opening one.

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    I see some spawnroom tutorials tell you to just stick in a func_door, trigger and a door_slide_large_door.mdl prop and parent the prop to the func_door - when door opens, prop follows.

    Others tell you to stick in a func_door, trigger and a door_slide_large_dynamic.mdl and then tell the func_door to tell the prop to animate its ass open when the door gets triggered.

    Any opinions on which is better?
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    Depends how your spawn look like. If your spawn in short in height and stops right above the exit, then you should use the animated spawn door. Or else if you parent a spawn door to a func_door it will fly up through the ceiling and be visible when it should not be.
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    I prefer to parent a model to the door, because the only animated models have some machinery sticking out of them that is supposed to fit on the ceiling directly above the door - but usually the ceiling is much higher up.

    Both are good, choose whatever fits your doorways best.
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    Funny how Valve didn't think of making a dynamic prop without that machinery jotting out perpendicularly like that. Considering only 2fort utilises them properly. Particularly well.. being a map that.. well well just breaks the console version because of this, soooooo.

    Plus it's hardly a model that just gets used here and there, in comparison. It's often a major feature within a map. Well, Granary..